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MDP-Block-3-Professional Conflict, Change Management and Emotional Intelligence [11 - 14 Jul 2022 - Interconnect]

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

Welcome to this learning programme that will lead you to a richer understanding of Professional Conflict and Change Management & Emotional Intelligence.

As you work your way through the learning programme you will gain competence against the following Unit Standards:


NQF Level






Manage and improve communication processes in a function




Formulate recommendations for a change process




Conduct negotiations to deal with conflict situations




Interpret and manage conflicts within the workplace

Imsimbi training strives to unleash human potential, through creating a learning environment where learners actively participate. Self-awareness is a basis for better conflict resolution and effective change management. The resources that you will be introduced to today can help you to transform the way you manage yourself, and help to improve your negotiation skills with others.

Change management will work far better when one creates an environment in which conflict is managed rather than suppressed. Where there are positive relations between stakeholders, change management is more likely to achieve its goals. Participants will therefore be encouraged to build on teams established in the first block so that everyone will have the opportunity to:

- Reflect, express and share ideas as we practice conflict and negotiation skills;

- Practice leadership by managing communication processes;

- Support one another during and after the course so as to be confident to manage change independently.

The working teams you built in the last block will be further developed in this module and will remain intact for the duration of the Management Development Programme. They will hopefully enable you to support each other in the completion of your Portfolios of Evidence and ultimately achieve a competence rating for the entire programme. Good luck!

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Course Staff

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Peter Sadie

Peter helps people achieve their full potential using a values based approach to training and mentorship

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